IFTA Audits

IFTA Audit Process

What does an IFTA Auditor ask for?

An auditor may send you a multi-page form to fill out. You could be asked to list all states or jurisdictions in which you drive during the audit period. In addition, you will be asked how to calculate your miles, such as odometer, GPS, or software. The auditor will want to know the type of freight you haul and type of equipment you drive.

During the audit, you may be asked to show how your records are kept. An audit can take an hour or two. Before the audit, the auditor may send you a list of what is needed for the audit, such as print-out of 4 quarters of IFTA reports. Other items to have ready could be original IFTA driver records, IRP records for specific years. If you have a TruckEServices account, this information is kept electronically all in one place and easy to access. The auditor may need original fuel receipts, per the state revenue department. Some states may accept a scan or photo of the receipt.  With Road Receipt, (TruckEServices new app) you can scan in fuel receipts, maintenance records and anything that is related to a particular trip. That would make it easy to print out a copy of the original should you decide to go completely electronic. Most auditors will accept printouts from your GPS and electronic record keeping systems.  But, be aware that some states may want the originals. Check with your state to be sure.

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